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Established in March 2015

Here I'm a little artist

I believe that I was born to express myself through art. Around the age of seven, I found my dad’s drawing board and drafting T-square, and immediately began designing planes, spaceships, and houses. I was hooked.  As the years passed, I always found time to doodle and sketch almost anything. During my senior year of high school, I was accepted into The Pittsburgh Institute of Art. Realizing that I did not have the finances to do so at that time, I began working in an industrial setting to earn a stable income. Unfortunately, I found my art slowly becoming an afterthought.

Coil Winder at SD Myers

 In 1992, I started working for a company called S.D. Myers and became a coil winder. It allowed me to develop many industrial skills to perform multiple tasks.  I developed into a strong reliable worker. After eighteen years and four transformer companies later, I worked my way up to supervision. That led me to my last position as an Industrial Engineering Technician, for a plastic injection shop. I did find the work challenging and right up my alley.  Unfortunately, it only lasted for a little over a year before the company downsized and I was forced to search for work again.

This time something was different, a switch turned on, and my passion for art was stronger than ever before. In 2009, a friend who knows me as a self-taught harmonica player pushed me to join him and his band onstage.  Never had I played public and I was so happy for the opportunity.  I felt myself transform from not just a 20-year industrial worker, but back at being my artist at doing something I love.  Soon after that, I was inspired by and collaborated with a local school teacher who began showing me my new art form, and the video era began. Over the past eight years, I have been learning all that I can to develop my skills and become a Visual Communications Specialist.

I love playing harmonica
Family is LOVE

On March 8th of 2015, Wyno View was born. Working with clients such as Mental Health & Recovery Board and Ohio State Highway Patrol has opened my eyes to focus on helping as many people as possible through video.  Starting as an entrepreneur is never easy. I am fortunate to have the support from my loving wife, family, and friends to pursue my artistic dreams

For me, the job that stands out is being able to help other people deal with their emotions. 

It may be for an anniversary, wedding, retirement, mental health, or loss of a loved one. 

Capturing their memories to last a lifetime is priceless.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my business. 

Let me know what Wyno View can do for you.

Jim Wyno

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